Attend live classroom training in SoCal or online from anywhere

Attend Classes Remotely

You do not have to come to Long Beach to attend our classes in person, though you can if you wish. Through web-meeting technology, you can join and fully participate in our live classes without the hassle and expense of freeways, air travel or hotels.

To attend training remotely, you will need:

  1. A high-speed Internet connection
  2. Enough screen space to see the instructor’s screen in a window alongside your own window. You can do this with either:
    1. a really large monitor (24” - 27” would probably suffice), or
    2. a second monitor connected to your laptop or desktop computer, or
    3. an iPad, Android or Amazon tablet next to your computer.
  3. A quiet environment with a way of hearing the class and being heard. You could use:
    1. your tablet's built-in mic and speakers, or
    2. a USB headset mic connected to your computer, or
    3. a phone by your computer (ideally with a headset).

Please watch this short video to see how attending remotely works.

Oscar Santos has attended our classes from outside the U.S. and he describes his experiences in this short video.