Attend Classes Remotely

You do not have to come to Long Beach to attend our classes in person, though you can if you wish. Through web-meeting technology, you can join and fully participate in our live classes without the hassle and expense of freeways, air travel or hotels.

To attend training remotely, you will need:

  1. A high-speed Internet connection
  2. Enough screen space to see the instructor’s screen in a window alongside your own window. You can do this with either:
    1. a really large monitor (24” - 27” would probably suffice), or
    2. a second monitor connected to your laptop or desktop computer, or
    3. an iPad, Android or Amazon tablet next to your computer.
  3. A quiet environment with a way of hearing the class and being heard. You could use:
    1. your tablet's built-in mic and speakers, or
    2. a USB headset mic connected to your computer, or
    3. a phone by your computer (ideally with a headset).

Please watch this short video to see how attending remotely works.

Oscar Santos has attended our classes from outside the U.S. and he describes his experiences in this short video.