Illustrator Advanced: Practical Techniques

Upcoming Dates

Mon-Tue, November 16-17, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Trainer: Chana
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Class Details

Price per person: $795
Length of class:two days
Version covered:CC 2020


In this two-day Adobe Authorized training class, you will learn from an Adobe Certified Instructor how to practically employ a wide range of advanced Illustrator techniques as you create challenging real-world designs and learn hands-on how to approach your work strategically.


This class is ideally suited for people who have attended our Illustrator Beginning class or who have more than two years of experience using Adobe Illustrator.

Class Outline

Applying Effects and Styles
- using the Appearance panel
- applying effects, saving graphics styles
- working with the Graphics Style panel
- applying effects to type
- using effects: drop shadow, scribble, pucker & more

Brushes and Strokes
- using calligraphic, scatter, and art brushes
- using the Blob brush
- new bristle brushes
- using the new Width tool
- looking at the new Brush Alignment

- using, editing and creating new patterns
- creating seamless tiling patterns
- creating border brushes

- applying and editing symbols
- improved symbol editing
- align to pixel grid
- enable guides for 9 slice scaling

Gradient Mesh Tool
- using the Gradient Mesh tool
- creating water color effects using the Mesh tool
- adding opacity to an anchor point

Using art as a template
- create a vector drawing manually based on art
- advanced image trace

Advanced typography

Projects may include:
- logo design
- book cover design
- poster design
- graphic design illustration
- type project
- 3D project
- brushes project
- appearance project

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Quotes from our Illustrator students

  • "I had a wonderful experience in this 3 day training. I felt like I learned a tremendous amount of information, tips and tricks. The instructors were focused, patient and extremely competent. The Illustrator Day 2 & 3 instructor was quite funny and I appreciated the 80's movie references he used, it brought a sense of lightness to very intense software instruction. I would take courses from you again and would recommend to others, thank you very much."
    - Emily Brandt, Graphic Design & Yearbook, Scotts Valley USD