Illustrator Beginning: Illustrator Essentials

Upcoming Dates

Mon-Wed, August 10-12, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Trainer: Chana
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Tue-Thu, September 8-10, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Trainer: Chana
How would you prefer to attend?
Mon-Wed, October 12-14, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Trainer: Chana
How would you prefer to attend?

Class Details

Price per person: $1095
Length of class:three days
Version covered:CC 2020


In this three-day class taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor, you will learn how to work efficiently and creatively with the industry-standard illustration tool. Master all of the essential concepts and techniques, including understanding bitmap vs vector graphics and file formats, the best ways to navigate, how to work with color, use the drawing and selection tools, manipulate objects, work in layers, and use the powerful Pen tool to create graceful curves and complex paths correctly and that can be easily edited later. You will also learn how to use Live Trace, Live Paint and Live Color, as well as how to create and apply color gradients to objects. You will also learn how to work with type, type on a path and vertical type, and how to convert type to outlines, as well as how to create and apply masks.


This class is designed for people with good mousing skills, but no Adobe Illustrator or graphics experience is required.

Class Outline

Application Overview
– understanding bitmap vs. vector
– overview of the Workspace, toolbox & panels
– templates and creating a new document
– multiple artboards and the new Artboard panel
– using Adobe Bridge
– setting prefs, saving files, choosing file formats
– viewing images using the Navigator panel
– zooming and using the Hand tool
– custom views
– viewing images in Preview mode and Artwork mode
– choosing and applying fills and strokes
– using the Swatches panel / saving groups
– loading custom color libraries
– advanced colors
Using Tools
– ellipse, rectangle, star and polygon tools
– line, polar grid and spiral tools
– selection, direct selection and group selection tools
– lasso and magic wand tools
Working with Objects
– selecting multiple objects
– saving selections / select by item
– grouping and ungrouping / isolation tool
– working with compound paths
– pathfinder and the align tool
– paste in place
– drawing mode, shape builder tool, stroke alignment
– scale, rotate, distort, and free transform tools
– using guides and grids
– creating radial symmetry
Working with Layers
Mastering the Pen Tool
– creating curves and straight lines
– tracing objects with the Pen tool
– modifying pen paths
– basic key commands
– tracing bitmap images
– working with compound paths
– the Pencil and Eraser tools
– using the Width Tool to customize strokes
– the Join command
– PathFinder
– divide and unite
– ShapeBuilder tool
Live Trace and Live Paint
– tracing images and logos into vector shapes
– using the Links panel
– dynamic link between Photoshop and Illustrator
– exporting color swatches
– dynamically applying colors
– using the new Eraser tool
Live Color
– dynamically remapping colors
Curvature tool
– using the gradient and blend tools
– adjusting opacity and gradients
– rasterizing objects
– creating and viewing objects as pixels
Using the Text Tools
– area type and type on a path
– vertical type
– converting type to outlines
– OpenType and glyphs
– importing and threading type
– paragraph and character styles
– character setting adjustments
– justification controls
– using envelope with type
– text warp
– clipping masks
– opacity masks
– using blending modes
– draw inside

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Quotes from our Illustrator students

  • "I had a wonderful experience in this 3 day training. I felt like I learned a tremendous amount of information, tips and tricks. The instructors were focused, patient and extremely competent. The Illustrator Day 2 & 3 instructor was quite funny and I appreciated the 80's movie references he used, it brought a sense of lightness to very intense software instruction. I would take courses from you again and would recommend to others, thank you very much."
    - Emily Brandt, Graphic Design & Yearbook, Scotts Valley USD