Dreamweaver Beginning: Build Your First Website

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Class Details

Price per person: $1095
Length of class:three days
Version covered:CC 2018


This three-day class, taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor, provides you with the knowledge and hands-on skills you need to begin building professional websites using Dreamweaver. You will learn the web publishing process, important technical and design considerations, how to define new sites, create simple pages that include text, lists, special characters, images, hyperlinks and forms. You will build Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) rules to govern text formatting and page layout. You will also build templates and library items, building a responsive website that adjusts gracefully to any screen size.


This class is ideally suited for people with basic computing skills and experience browsing the World Wide Web. Knowledge of HTML is helpful but not required.

Class Outline

Introduction to Web Publishing
- The publishing process
- Understanding web design constraints
- bandwidth
- screen resolution
- browser and platform

Getting Started with Dreamweaver
- Defining a local site
- Creating a new HTML page
- Using development views
- Using Live View and Preview in Browser

Adding Text to Pages
- Adding text and special characters
- Creating headings, paragraphs and lists

Formatting Text with CSS
- Creating CSS style rules
- Creating tag, class and ID selectors
- Attaching external style sheets

CSS Page Layout
- Understanding page layout options
- Using relative DIV tags
- Using float

Using Templates and Libraries
- Creating site templates
- Creating template-based pages
- Applying templates to existing pages
- Creating and using library items
- Modifying templates and library items

Working with Images
- Image file formats
- Placing images on the page
- Text wrap and other image properties
- Inserting Photoshop Smart Objects
- Optimizing images

Adding Navigation to Your Site
- Creating hyperlinks to pages
- Linking from images and image maps
- Linking to an email address

Responsive Design
- Multi-screen design considerations
- Getting started with Bootstrap
- Adding content

Creating Forms
- Form processing options
- Creating a form
- Applying Spry validation widgets

Testing, Maintenance, and Uploading
- Adding meta keywords and description
- Checking accessibility, links and browser compatibility
- Uploading files to a remote site
- Synchronizing site files

Printable Course Description

Quotes from our Dreamweaver students

  • "I want you to know I really enjoyed taking your class last month—it has been incredibly helpful. I work on Dreamweaver now every day, and I'm constantly using the tips I picked up in your class."
    - Deirdre E., Web Content Specialist
  • "I was very pleased with my Dreamweaver experience! I appreciate how you provided the scaffolding necessary to allow the student to move to more advanced techniques without trepidation and with a clear purpose. I love the fact that we can retake within a six-month window. I don't anticipate needing another three days, but it gives me peace of mind knowing I have the option. I look forward to taking classes in the future and will be sure to tell friends and colleagues about the top-of-the-line service you provide."
    - Chad L., graphic designer