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FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform, multi-user relational database development tool that is powerful and easy to use. Accelerate Computer Training is uniquely qualified to deliver hands-on training classes designed to take you to the next level of FileMaker expertise and prepare you for the FileMaker Certified Developer exam. Here are the FileMaker Pro 19 classes we offer:

FileMaker Pro Beginning: Getting Started as a Developer

Two days, $695
- Plan a Database Solution
- Understand Relationships
- Write Simple Calculations
- Work with Data
- Design Layouts
- Find and Sort Records

FileMaker Pro Intermediate: Getting Ahead as a Developer

Two days, $695
- Design Better Layouts
- Write Smart Calculations
- Generate Printer-Friendly Reports
- Build Dashboards

FileMaker Pro Advanced: Getting Famous as a Developer

Two days, $695
- Complex Relationships
- Sophisticated Calculations
- Advanced Scripts
- Improved Layouts
- Securing and Sharing Data
- External Storage of Container Data