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FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform, multi-user relational database development tool that is powerful and easy to use. Accelerate Computer Training is one of a handful of organizations worldwide authorized by FileMaker, Inc. to deliver the FileMaker Training Series classes, an in-depth series of hands-on classes designed to take you to the next level of FileMaker expertise and prepare you for the FileMaker Certified Developer exam. Here are the FileMaker Pro 15 classes we offer:

FileMaker Pro Day 1: Getting Started with FileMaker

One day, $299
- FileMaker Platform Overview
- Viewing and Working with Data
- Finding and Sorting Records
- Importing Data
- Creating Fields and Tables
- New Layouts
- Layout Design Tools

FileMaker Pro Day 2: Data Modeling

One day, $299
- Identifying Entities and Attributes
- Identifying Relationships
- Modeling Relationships with Keys
- Creating Fields
- Field Storage and Indexing
- Creating Relationships
- Managing the Relationship Graph with Anchor-Bouy

FileMaker Pro Day 3: Calculations

One day, $349
- Introduction to Functions
- Number Functions
- Text Functions
- Date and Time Functions
- Logical Functions
- Aggregate Functions
- Custom Functions

FileMaker Pro Day 4: Layouts, Charts and Reports

One day, $349
- Managing and Organizing Layouts
- Field Control Style and Value Lists
- Special Layout Objects
- Subsummary Reports
- Charting
- Crosstab Reports

FileMaker Pro Day 5: Scripting

One day, $395
- Working with Scripts
- Using Script Triggers
- Writing Scripts That Interact With the User
- Using Scripts to Find Data
- Navigation via Scripts
- Managing Windows via Scripts
- Looping Techniques

FileMaker Pro Day 6: Share Databases with FMP and iOS Users

One day, $395
- Implementing Security via Accounts and Privilege Sets
- Installing and configuring FileMaker Server
- Configuring FMP and FileMaker Server for Web Direct
- Designing Layouts for Mobile Use
- Calculations and Scripting in FileMaker Go
- Advanced Techniques