Microsoft Office Classes

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Microsoft Excel combines powerful spreadsheet, chart and list-management capabilities to form the industry-standard spreadsheet application. You will be learning from patient, experienced trainers on the current version of the software. Here are the Excel for Office 365 classes we offer:

Excel Beginning 1: Your First Worksheets

Three hours, $119
- Introduction to Excel
- Making and Editing Entries
- Managing Cells and Worksheets
- Printing Worksheets

Excel Beginning 2: Cell Formatting and Charting

Three hours, $119
- Formatting Cells
- Using Cell Styles
- Basic Conditional Formatting
- Creating Charts
- Enhancing Charts

Excel Intermediate 1: Simple Formulas

Three hours, $149
- Using Simple Functions
- Arithmetic Formulas
- Math with Dates
- Lookup Functions
- Copying Formulas
- Relative vs Absolute Referencing

Excel Intermediate 2: Queries, Subtotals and Tables

Three hours, $149
- Writing Queries to Import Data
- Summarizing Data with Subtotals
- Using Data in Tables

Excel PivotTables: Data Summarization and Analysis

Three hours, $179
- Creating PivotTables
- Analyzing data using PivotTables
- Working with PivotTable options
- Creating PivotCharts

Excel Advanced 1: Automating Tasks

Three hours, $195
- Working on Multiple Sheets Simultaneously
- Performing "What If" Analysis
- Conditional Formatting
- Recording Macros

Excel Advanced 2: Advanced Formulas

Three hours, $195
- Advanced Formulas using Functions
- Array Formulas
- Troubleshooting Formulas

Excel Tips and Tricks: Essential Time-Saving Techniques

Three hours, $179
- Formulas
- Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
- Navigation and Selections
- Data Editing
- Data Validation
- Miscellaneous

Excel Dashboard Reporting: Intro to Dashboards Using Excel

One day, $295
- What To Know Before Designing
- Building a Dashboard
- Dashboard Design Principles
- Finalize Dashboard Design

Excel Power BI for Desktop: Data Summarization and Visualization

One day, $295
- Getting Started
- Creating Visuals
- Publishing and Sharing Data
- Transforming Data
- Writing DAX Expressions

Excel VBA Macros: Write Custom Excel Macros in VBA

Two days, $895
- VBA Concepts
- Accessing VBA Functionality
- Editing Macros
- Debugging Macros
- Assigning Macros
- Using Variables
- Loop Structures
- Code to Move the Cell Pointer and Select Ranges
- User-Interactive Worksheets
- VBA Decision Structures
- Methods to Manipulate Worksheets
- Using Built-in VBA Functions
- Performing Calculations

Microsoft Word is the industry-standard word processing application for people in every field. Its text editing capabilities, which facilitate strong writing, combined with its first-rate formatting features, create a powerful document creation tool. You will be learning from patient, experienced trainers on the current version of the software. Here are the Word for Office 365 classes we offer:

Word Beginning: Your First Documents

Three hours, $119
- Getting Around in Word
- Typing and Editing Text
- Formatting Characters
- Preparing to Print a Document

Word Intermediate 1: Tabs, Indents, Graphics and Proofing

Three hours, $149
- Formatting Paragraphs
- Proofing and Improving Text
- Adding Graphics to Documents

Word Intermediate 2: Format with Style Sheets

Three hours, $149
- Using Style Sheets
- Section Formatting
- Automating Text Entry

Word Advanced 1: Track Changes, Tables & Mail Merge

Three hours, $195
- Tracking Changes
- Creating and Using Tables
- Mail Merge

Word Advanced 2: Produce Long Documents

Three hours, $195
- Assembling a Long Document
- Footnotes and Cross-References
- Cover Pages and Reference Tables
- Index and Bibliography

Microsoft PowerPoint makes it quick and easy to create, update and present attention-grabbing slide shows. Use professionally designed templates, powerful slide masters and easy-to-use SmartArt graphics and charts to build compelling presentations. You will be learning from patient, experienced trainers on the current version of the software. Here are the PowerPoint for Office 365 classes we offer:

PowerPoint Beginning: Create Presentations Efficiently

Three hours, $119
- Getting Around
- Creating Slides
- Introduction to Masters
- Running a Slide Show

PowerPoint Intermediate: Illustrate Your Presentations

Three hours, $149
- Using Slide Masters
- Adding Graphics to Slides
- Building SmartArt Graphics and Charts
- Advanced Slide Show Settings

PowerPoint Advanced: Animate Your Presentations

Three hours, $195
- Animating Bullet Text
- Animating Graphics and Charts
- Creating Motion Path Animation

SharePoint Online collaboration tools let you build teams and secured websites to organize document libraries, pages, and lists of data. Keep your users informed and let them contribute and collaborate on documents, update calendars and tasks, manage projects and more. Here are the SharePoint Online for Office 365 classes we offer:

SharePoint for Users: Lists, Libraries, Views and Integration

One day, $295
Navigating SharePoint Sites
Using Lists
Working with Document Libraries
Using and Customizing Views
Building and Editing Pages
Integration with Office Applications

SharePoint for Site Owners: Pages, Sites, Permissions and...

One day, $395
Setting Site Access Permissions
Creating Custom Lists
Creating and Editing Pages
Creating Subsites
Establishing Content Approval Workflows

Microsoft Project is an essential tool for project managers or people who organize and orchestrate the many tasks and resources involved in a project. Here are the Project 2013 classes we offer:

Project Session 1: Create a Project Plan

Three hours, $149
- Getting Started with Microsoft Project
- Managing Tasks in a Project
- Managing Resources

Project Session 2: Fine-tune a Project Plan

Three hours, $149
- Assigning Resources to Tasks
- Adjusting Tasks
- Tracking Progress

Project Session 3: Manage and Customize Project Plans

Three hours, $179
- Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications
- Updating a Project Plan
- Managing Project Costs

Project Session 4: Report and Reuse Project Plans

Three hours, $179
- Reporting Project Data Visually
- Reusing Project Plan Information
- Advanced Lab/Workshop

Microsoft Outlook combines tools for managing e-mail, contacts, calendar and to-do lists into a well-integrated personal information manager. You will be learning from patient, experienced trainers on the current version of the software. Here are the Outlook for Office 365 classes we offer:

Outlook: Organize Your Mail, Schedule, Contacts and Tasks

Three hours, $119
- Managing E-Mails
- Managing Your Schedule
- Storing Contacts
- Tracking Tasks

Visio Professional takes diagramming to a new level with dynamic, data-driven visualization tools and templates and advanced sharing through the Web. Bring the big-picture and real-time data from multiple sources, including Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, and SharePoint lists, together in one powerful diagram. Then see real-time changes to data right within your diagram, displayed through vibrant graphics such as icons, colors and data bars. Using SharePoint integration, you can now easily share your diagrams in real time with anyone, even those who don't own Visio. Here are the Visio 2013 classes we offer:

Visio Pro Session 1: Design and Manage Basic Diagrams

Three hours, $195
- Getting Started with Visio
- Creating a Simple Diagram
- Modifying Diagram Shapes

Visio Pro Session 2: Create Process Diagrams and Org Charts

Three hours, $195
- Creating Process Diagrams
- Representing an Organization Hierarchy
- Background and Foreground Pages
- Using Diagram Parts

Microsoft Access is a sophisticated, multi-user database development tool for building databases to share over the network or publish on the Web. You will be learning from patient, experienced trainers on the current version of the software. Here are the Access for Office 365 classes we offer:

Access Beginning: Create Your First Database

Three hours, $149
- Getting Started with Access
- Creating a Simple Access Database
- Working with Table Data

Access Intermediate: Filter, Sort and Query Data

Three hours, $149
- Filtering Records
- Querying Records
- Creating Simple Forms and Reports

Access Advanced: Formulas, Forms and Reports

One day, $349
- Writing Formulas
- Building Forms
- Designing Reports