Web Development Classes

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SharePoint lets you set up web sites in the cloud or on internal servers that present document libraries and lists of data, allowing your authorized users to stay informed, and contribute and collaborate on documents, tasks, calendars, projects and more. Here are the SharePoint Office 365 classes we offer:

SharePoint for Users: Lists, Libraries, Views and Integration

One day, $295
Navigating a SharePoint Site
Using Lists
Working with Document Libraries
Using and Customizing Views
Integration with Office Applications

SharePoint for Site Owners: Pages, Sites, Permissions and...

One day, $395
Setting Site Access Permissions
Creating Custom Lists
Creating and Editing Pages
Creating Subsites
Establishing Content Approval Workflows

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the original language of the Web. It provides the means to describe data and page content using simple tags. If you build Web pages, you really ought to know HTML, even if you use a program like Dreamweaver. While using those programs makes writing code faster, knowing HTML lets you alter code manually and handwrite code that those programs do not support. Here are the HTML 5 classes we offer:

HTML Intro: Fundamental HTML and CSS

One day, $299
- Building Web Pages Using HTML
- Creating Text and Lists using HTML Tags
- Formatting Text with CSS
- Building Tables in HTML
- Creating Hyperlinks
- Displaying Images