Excel Classes

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Microsoft Excel combines powerful spreadsheet, chart and list-management capabilities to form the industry-standard spreadsheet application. You will be learning from patient, experienced trainers on the current version of the software. Here are the Excel for Office 365 classes we offer:

Excel Beginning 1: Your First Worksheets

Three hours, $119
- Introduction to Excel
- Making and Editing Entries
- Managing Cells and Worksheets
- Printing Worksheets

Excel Beginning 2: Cell Formatting and Charting

Three hours, $119
- Formatting Cells
- Using Cell Styles
- Basic Conditional Formatting
- Creating Charts
- Enhancing Charts

Excel Intermediate 1: Simple Formulas

Three hours, $149
- Using Simple Functions
- Arithmetic Formulas
- Math with Dates
- Lookup Functions
- Copying Formulas
- Relative vs Absolute Referencing

Excel Intermediate 2: Queries, Subtotals and Tables

Three hours, $149
- Writing Queries to Import Data
- Summarizing Data with Subtotals
- Using Data in Tables

Excel PivotTables: Data Summarization and Analysis

Three hours, $179
- Creating PivotTables
- Analyzing data using PivotTables
- Working with PivotTable options
- Creating PivotCharts

Excel Advanced 1: Automating Tasks

Three hours, $195
- Working on Multiple Sheets Simultaneously
- Performing "What If" Analysis
- Conditional Formatting
- Recording Macros

Excel Advanced 2: Advanced Formulas

Three hours, $195
- Advanced Formulas using Functions
- Array Formulas
- Troubleshooting Formulas

Excel Tips and Tricks: Essential Time-Saving Techniques

Three hours, $179
- Formulas
- Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
- Navigation and Selections
- Data Editing
- Data Validation
- Miscellaneous

Excel Dashboard Reporting: Intro to Dashboards Using Excel

One day, $295
- What To Know Before Designing
- Building a Dashboard
- Dashboard Design Principles
- Finalize Dashboard Design

Excel Power BI for Desktop: Data Summarization and Visualization

One day, $295
- Getting Started
- Creating Visuals
- Publishing and Sharing Data
- Transforming Data
- Writing DAX Expressions

Excel VBA Macros: Write Custom Excel Macros in VBA

Two days, $895
- VBA Concepts
- Accessing VBA Functionality
- Editing Macros
- Debugging Macros
- Assigning Macros
- Using Variables
- Loop Structures
- Code to Move the Cell Pointer and Select Ranges
- User-Interactive Worksheets
- VBA Decision Structures
- Methods to Manipulate Worksheets
- Using Built-in VBA Functions
- Performing Calculations